Vitamin-D3 – Supports Bone & Immune Health

Discover a convenient no-pill D3

Lifestix™ Vitamin-D3 provides 2000 IU of “the sunshine vitamin” in a single strawberry-kiwi stick pack. You’re health conscious, but you also have a busy lifestyle and you’re tired of pills. Lifestix™ Vitamin-D3 is your convenient alternative.

  • Tasty: Delicious strawberry-kiwi flavor
  • Simple: Tear, pour, and dissolve directly in your mouth — no beverage mixing needed
  • Multi-tasking vitamin: Support bone health, immune health, and balanced mood with one nutrient* 

How to use Lifestix™ Vitamin-D3

Lifestix™ Vitamin-D3 is formulated for adults only. For children under 18, please speak with a physician before providing D3 supplementation.

  • Adults: Enjoy 1 stick pack per day; more only if recommended by a physician
  • Get your vitamin D levels checked regularly to ensure an appropriate personal dosage 

Pour the stick pack directly into your mouth. Enjoy and swallow. No beverage mixing. It’s that easy! 

The science behind the supplement

Vitamin-D3 is vital to whole health. It is involved in numerous metabolic, immune, and bone-building processes in the body.

Our bodies are able to manufacture D3 when our skin is exposed to sunlight. In cool climates, sun exposure diminishes in the wintertime—usually not enough to produce optimal amounts of D3. While it’s entirely normal to run low in the wintertime, physicians often recommend supplementing to maintain constant, year-round D3 levels.*

Lifestix™ Vitamin-D3 helps you maintain those optimal D3 levels to promote good bone health and immune response, as well as balanced mood and energy levels.